Louisiana State University

Tarleton State.jpg

Tarleton State

Southwest HS Plaque.jpg

Southwest HS Plaque FWISD

Prarie View AM University.jpg

Prarie View AM University

Oval with dagger and name.jpg

Oval with dagger and name

Once A Marine Always A Marine.jpg

Once A Marine Always A Marine

Omega Shield.jpg

Omega Shield

Name Plate with Cross.jpg

Name Plate with Cross Personalize with your name at no charge.

Lockheed Protecting the Future.jpg

Lockheed Protecting the Future

Lockheed Counterintelligence.jpg

Lockheed Counterintelligence

FWPD Patch.jpg

FWPD Patch

FWPD Badge.jpg

FWPD Badge Personalize with your badge number

FWFD Patch.jpg

FWFD Patch

Deans ManCave.JPG

ManCave personalize with your name


United States Army

Best sellers

Our material

Wood Chucks CNC plaques and signs are generally made

from a 3/4" fiber board laminated with a maple vaneer.

This can be stained and/or painted for a very nice look.


If you are in need of something made from a solid hard wood please let us know.